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1572: This magnificent plan, believed to be the oldest original of London in existence, was published by Braun and Hogenberg. In it London is depicted in birds-eye view from the south looking north. Four figures in traditional Tudor dress alongside Latin that says the capital is 'famed amongst many peoples for its commerce, adorned with houses and churches, distinguished by fortifications, famed for men of all arts and sciences, and lastly for its wealth in all things'
1572:这个宏伟的计划,被认为是伦敦最古老的原始的存在,布劳恩和Hogenberg发表。 在伦敦,它描述了从南看北鸟瞰。 四个人物都铎王朝的传统服饰与拉丁说,首都是“著名在许多民族的商业、装饰有房子和教堂,杰出的防御工事,著名男性所有的艺术与科学,对所有事情最后的财富”
1799: Richard Horwood?s map was produced for use by the Phoenix Fire Office, an insurance firm.  It was the largest map ever printed in Britain at the time, and the first attempt to produce a map of London with all of the houses delineated and numbered. It was plotted to show which buildings had the greatest fire risk
1799:理查德Horwood地图的制作使用凤凰火的办公室,一个保险公司。 这是史上最大的地图印在英国,伦敦和第一次尝试产生一个地图的所有房子划定和编号。 是绘制显示哪些建筑最大的火灾风险
1922: MacDonald Gill's large London Underground map says:  'In the heat of the summer we will find me cool, in the cool of the winter will find me warm, come down underground you've bought you your ticket ? Your health man I'm thinking no longer twill stick it. For cheapness, celerity what else can compare. You are fed up above, feed below on our fare'. The coats of Arms are of the eight principal London Boroughs and a rabbit for London Underground, which he joke was the oldest Tube inhabitant
1922:麦克唐纳吉尔的大伦敦地铁地图说:“在炎热的夏天,我们将找到我凉爽,凉爽的冬天温暖,会发现我下来地下你买车票呢? 你的健康男人我想不再斜纹坚持它。 便宜、快速还可以比较。 你厌倦了上面,提要低于我们的票价。 武器的外套的八个主要为伦敦地铁伦敦行政区和一只兔子,他的笑话最古老管居住
2012: For this work Simon Walter has painstakingly charted the buried rivers, Tube lines, bunkers, sewers, government tunnels and other subterranean secrets of London. The work also includes mysterious and underworld elements, such as unsolved murders, ley lines and pagan burial sites
2012:这个工作西蒙·沃尔特精心绘制了河流、埋管,掩体,下水道,伦敦政府隧道和其他地下的秘密。 工作还包括神秘的和黑社会的元素,如未解决的谋杀,雷线和异教徒的埋葬地点
1799年的杰作吸引理查德Horwood是最后尝试地图每一个建筑在伦敦。 是由保险公司支付想知道哪些家庭和企业附近的蜡烛制造商或制革厂,这样他们就可以增加保险费,因为火灾威胁。
1899地图是由街道及其关键说:“最低的类。 恶性,半犯罪组织”区域(黑),“非常贫穷,休闲。 慢性希望”(蓝色),“贫穷。18到21年代一周为一个温和的家庭”(浅蓝色),“喜忧参半。 有些舒服,可怜的(紫色),“相当舒适。 好普通收入”(粉红色),“富裕。 中产阶级”(红色),“中上和上层阶级。 富人”(黄色)。
1655: Thomas Porter named this: 'The Newest and Exactest Mapp of the most Famous Citties London and Westminster with their Suburbs', and said it was designed to 'helpe or Guide to direct Countrey-men and Strangers to finde the nearest way from one place to another'
1655:托马斯·波特叫:“最新和最著名的马普确切Mapp Citties伦敦威斯敏斯特和郊区的,并说这是为了“helpe或直接Countrey-men指南和陌生人找不到最近的方式从一个地方到另一个的
1746: Considered one of the finest maps of - what is now - Greater London John Rocque, a French Huguenot who emigrated with the rest of his family to London in the 1730s, took nine years to produce it and had it engraved upon 24 sheets of copper before it could be
1812: Edward Langley and William Belche's map features the new and grand building and bridges of London, including the new docks of east London where Canary Wharf now stands. Areas due for development like Tavistock Square are coloured but blank as they were being built
1812:爱德华·兰利和威廉Belche的地图功能的新,宏伟的建筑和桥梁伦敦,包括新码头的东伦敦金丝雀码头现在站的地方。 塔维斯托克广场等地区由于发展彩色但空白被建造
1827: Christopher and John Greenwood's map is considered to be of Ordinance Survey standard. It is scaled at 8ins per mile and has detailed depictions of streets, houses, public buildings, parks, squares, woods, plantations, rivers, hills, windmills and boundaries. Below the plan is a dedication to George IV, which is flanked by views of Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral
1827:克里斯托弗和约翰·格林伍德的条例》调查的地图被认为是标准。 每英里的震级为8英寸和街道的详细描述,房屋、公共建筑,公园、广场、森林,种植园,河流,山,风车和边界。 下面的计划是乔治四世的奉献,这是在威斯敏斯特教堂的观点和圣保罗大教堂
1843: George Frederick Cruchley (1796-1880) was a publisher of ;some of the clearest and most attractive London maps'. This shows the expanding London and extends north to south from Highgate to Dulwich, and west to east from Hammersmith to Greenwich. Cruchley would re-issue the plan several times for the following 20 years, each time updating it with the latest additions.
1843:乔治·弗雷德里克Cruchley(1796 - 1880)是一个出版商;一些最清晰和最具吸引力的伦敦地图”。 这显示了伦敦和北向南延伸扩大海格特达利奇,和从哈西向东到格林威治。 Cruchley将重发几次计划接下来的20年里,每次更新最新的补充。
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