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A reconstruction of the French frigate Hermione undertakes sea trials off the west coast of France (11 September 2014)
重建的护卫舰使用的法国将军吉尔伯特du Motier -拉法叶侯爵带援军在1780年美国革命需要法国的海域西海岸。 启航的船是由于美国在2015年4月
Now that's what your call a colossal carrot! Peter Glazebrook of Newwark is seen posing with a record breaking 20lb carrot that won him first place in the giant veg section of the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show. The show, which has run since 1911, has over 1,000 exhibitors and is expected to attract some 100,000 visitors over the three days it runs (12-14 Sept).-------------------------------------

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya is hand-raising three orphaned baby rhinos; Nicky, Hope and Kilifi. Baby rhino Hope was rescued by rangers when the poachers killed his mother - now he is been taken care off 24 hours-a-day. The wildlife reserve hit the headlines when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton there in 2010.


A dog rescued from a fire at Manchester Dogs' Home looks out from a cage in its temporary home at Cheshire Dogs' Home near Warrington

Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince Harry watch the wheelchair basketball at the Queen Elizabeth park in London during the Invictus Games
首相卡梅伦(David Cameron)和哈里王子看轮椅篮球伊丽莎白女王公园在伦敦在《成事在人》游戏
People are knocked over as a tidal wave surges over the bank of the Qiantang River in Hangzhou city, east China's Zhejiang province
Pigs are seen trapped in a partially submerged pig pen after heavy rainfall hit Youyang county of Chongqing municipality. At least 17 farmhouses were flooded in the county after heavy downpours in the area since Thursday morning, local media reported.
A Kyrgyz stuntman performing during the first World Nomad Games in the Kyrchin (Semenovskoe) gorge, some 300 km from Bishkek
吉尔吉斯特技演员执行在第一次世界游牧游戏Kyrchin Semenovskoe峡谷,从比什凯克约300公里
A Balinese man stabs his chest with two short ceremonial daggers while in a trance during a sacred ritual of Ngusaba Puseh in the Karangasem District, Bali, Indonesia
A 'No' campaign poster is seen in a field after being vandalised by a 'Yes' supporter on the outskirts of Edinburgh
A gallery employee carries a work by Cuban artist Cuban Jorge Mayet during ArtRio, the annual international art fair, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
画廊员工携带工作由古巴艺术家古巴Jorge Mayet ArtRio期间,一年一度的国际艺术博览会,在里约热内卢,巴西
Fabrizio Zanotti of Paraguay is attended to by medical staff after being struck with a ball while Alexandre Kaleka (red top) of France who hit the shot looks on during Day 1 of the KLM Open held at De Kennemer Golf and Country Club in Zandvoort, Netherlands
巴拉圭的Fabrizio Zanotti的是参加由医务人员被打了高尔夫球,而亚历山大Kaleka法国(红顶),谁打了一枪看上去在第一天中的KLM公开赛举行的德Kennemer高尔夫乡村俱乐部在Zandvoort后,荷兰
U.S. President Barack Obama uses a wrench as he helps build a playground at a school in northeast Washington, DC, to commemorate the September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance in Washington
A young visitor inspects a gun during the Abu Dhabi 2014 International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Two Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) C-130J Hercules aircraft fly above the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge during a display. Australia raised its terror threat level to 'high' from 'medium' on September 12, 2014, saying there was an increased likelihood of a terrorist attack at home but stressed it had no knowledge of a specific attack plan.
Albert Biatta, of Queens, New York, prays while standing infront of the inscribed name of his uncle Antoine Biatta at the edge of the North Pool on the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, at the site of the World Trade Center in New York
A boulder marks the crash site of Flight 93 at the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pa. after a  Service of Remembrance on the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks
A man holds a child that survived from under rubble, after what activists claim was five air strikes by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in Douma, eastern al-Ghouta, near Damascus
Poppies continue to be planted in the 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' by artist Paul Cummins, made up of 888,246 ceramic poppies fills the moat of the Tower of London, to commemorate the First World War in London. Each ceramic poppy represents an allied victim of the First World War and the display is due to be completed by Armistice Day on November 11, 2014. After Armistice Day each poppy from the installation will be available to buy for ?25.
Jordy Smith of South Africa during the 2014 Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour in San Clemente, California
南非约迪·史密斯在2014年三星Galaxy ASP的世锦赛之旅圣克莱门特,加利福尼亚冲浪
Swans are silhouetted by the setting sun in the Black Sea town of Mangalia, Romania. Romania is enjoying warmer than usual weather for this time of the year with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Centigrade (86 Fahrenheit).
Steam and snow surround Mike Grimm waits for the engine of a vintage 1880 train to back into position in Hill City, South Dakota. Riders on the popular summertime tourist attraction got a very wintertime view as a storm brought as much as 8 inches of snow to parts of the Black Hills. Snowfall in downtown Rapid City marked the earliest such event since 1888; that was before South Dakota was even a state.
蒸气和雪包围麦克格林,因为他等待的老式1880火车的引擎回原来的位置的Hill City,南达科他州。广受欢迎的夏季旅游景点逃票了冬天的景色作为风暴带来高达8英寸的雪到黑山的各个部分。降雪在市中心的拉皮德城,标志着最早的此类事件自1888年以来; 那是以前南达科他甚至状态。
An aerial view taken from an Indian Air Force helicopter shows the flooded Srinagar city. Authorities in Kashmir collected the bodies of women and children floating in the streets on Thursday as anger mounted over what many survivors said was a bungled operation to help those caught in the region's worst flooding in 50 years.
A digital model of an anatomically precise 3-D replica of a Spinosaurus skeleton, a cross between a Tyrannosaurus rex, a crocodile and a whale that was the largest predator ever to walk the Earth - or swim in its rivers. It was discovered by scientists from the University of Chicago who based their findings on new fossils from the Moroccan Sahara as well as specimens in museum collections.
解剖学上的数字模型精确的3 d的复制品Spinosaurus骨架,介于霸王龙、鳄鱼和鲸鱼是地球史上最大的食肉动物走路或游泳的河流。它是由芝加哥大学的科学家们发现他们的发现基于新化石从摩洛哥撒哈拉沙漠以及标本博物馆收藏。
解剖学上的数字模型精确的3 d的复制品Spinosaurus骨架,介于霸王龙、鳄鱼和鲸鱼是地球史上最大的食肉动物走路或游泳的河流。它是由芝加哥大学的科学家们发现他们的发现基于新化石从摩洛哥撒哈拉沙漠以及标本博物馆收藏。
Farm in northern Saudi Arabia (11 September 2014)
An aerial photograph from a Pakistani army helicopter shows people in a homes surrounded by floodwaters in the area of Peer Kot in Jhang, central Punjab province (11 September 2014)
航拍照片显示巴基斯坦中部旁遮普省的房屋被洪水包围。 超过450人丧生在巴基斯坦和印度最近几天的严重洪灾。 淹没了大片的农田和房屋一扫而空。
Herders wearing lederhosen attire attempt to persuade a cow to leave summer pastures in the mountains of the Allgaeu region of southern Germany (11 September 2014)
牧民们穿着皮短裤试图说服一头牛离开山区的夏季牧场Allgaeu的德国南部地区,回到农场过冬。 牲畜的季节性运动已经几个世纪以来发生在阿尔卑斯山
Supporters of the Colombian football team, Atletico Nacional, cheer them on before the start of its march with Paraguay's General Diaz in the Copa Sudamericana at the Atanasio Girardot stadium in Medellin (10 September 2014)
The Tribute in Light
该光照亮纽约在9/11袭击事件13周年。 遇难者的亲属聚集在世贸中心遗址,世界贸易中心。 在华盛顿,美国总统巴拉克?奥巴马(Barack Obama)领导的哀悼者在白宫草坪上举行的纪念活动在五角大楼。
A member of Peru's forces gestures towards a controlled explosion
French rally driver Sebastien Ogier powers his Volkswagen Polo
Actor Ryan Reynolds poses for a selfie
A detainee rests, handcuffed to a slide, at a children's playground in a public park in Bogota, Colombia.
Cyclists compete in the 2014 Tour of Britain
Flags are waved during celebrations of Catalonia National Day in Barcelona
成千上万的加泰罗尼亚人聚集在巴塞罗那,西班牙,要求举行独立公投的权利。 地区政府提出11月9日。 西班牙政府表示,投票是非法的。
看世界20140912 - wuwei1101 - 西花社
看世界20140912 - wuwei1101 - 西花社
看世界20140912 - wuwei1101 - 西花社
看世界20140912 - wuwei1101 - 西花社
用右手的人米格尔·安赫尔·佩雷拉落入他的第二个阿尔巴塞特,他分享了法案,胡安·塞拉诺“Finito科尔多瓦”和Alejandro Talavante
看世界20140912 - wuwei1101 - 西花社
看世界20140912 - wuwei1101 - 西花社
巴西名模亚历山大·安布罗休今天巡游的Desigual在梅赛德斯 - 奔驰FashionWeek(MBFWM)马德里,这将持续到9月16日第60版开始。
看世界20140912 - wuwei1101 - 西花社
立陶宛Darjus Lavrinovic(i)的转动控制球与德马库斯 - 考辛斯,美国,在2014年世界男篮锦标赛的半决赛,角逐选择美国和立陶宛今晚在帕劳Sant Jordi酒店巴塞罗那。
看世界20140912 - wuwei1101 - 西花社
看世界20140912 - wuwei1101 - 西花社
看世界20140912 - wuwei1101 - 西花社
看世界20140912 - wuwei1101 - 西花社
看世界20140912 - wuwei1101 - 西花社
看世界20140912 - wuwei1101 - 西花社
看世界20140912 - wuwei1101 - 西花社
法属波利尼西亚的Teahupoo :Takanui史密斯(后)骑浪的冲浪朋友,并在1991年的经典&#8220重拍的拍摄剧组拍戏反应;点歇”  于2014年9月11日在华亿达&#8217,E传递的Teahupoo,大溪地的法属波利尼西亚的岛屿。 导演埃里克森核心的美国动作惊悚片,主演埃德加·拉米雷斯,卢克 - 布里斯,邓丽君帕尔默和雷温斯顿,是1991年的电影,然后由凯瑟琳·毕格罗执导的重拍。 AFP PHOTO /格雷戈里BOISSY
法属波利尼西亚的Teahupoo:Takanui史密斯(后)骑浪的冲浪朋友,并在1991年的经典之作“惊爆点”翻拍的拍摄剧组拍戏反作用在Hava'e传递的Teahupoo,在大溪地法属波利尼西亚的岛屿。导演埃里克森核心的美国动作惊悚片,主演埃德加·拉米雷斯,卢克 - 布里斯,邓丽君帕尔默和雷温斯顿,是1991年的电影,然后由凯瑟琳·毕格罗执导的重拍。
印度,斯利那加 :绞合克什米尔looka在从洪水淹没的酒店位于斯利那加的屋顶上的9月11日,2014年的季风暴雨天的洪水和山体滑坡目前已夺走了超过450生活在巴基斯坦和印度,与医院疲于应付灾难。 AFP PHOTO / PUNIT PARANJPE
Thousand Island Lake
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